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True Tall Tales: A quick promo for Jon Faine's new book

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

I had the pleasure of sitting down with ABC broadcaster Jon Faine a couple of weeks ago for him to talk about his book Apollo & Thelma.

Jon's new work concerns one of his old estate clients from his lawyering days - the Aussie strongman Paul 'The Mighty Apollo' Anderson - and the can of worms opened up by the death of his sister, publican Thelma Hawkes, in the Northern Territories.

Jon has assembled a great collection of photos for Apollo & Thelma and wanted to use a few of them in a video promo for the book which spans mid-twentieth century Melbourne and first people's land struggles in the Northern territories, alongside quite a few personal revelations.

Social Brain got to have a little bit of old-school Ken Burns fun with the 2 minute promo.

Apollo & Thelma is out this month from Hardie Grant.

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