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Cycling away the Melbourne lockdown

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

It's been a tricky time for businesses to produce content in Melbourne but, much to the resilient Melburnians' credit, we seem to have won this battle with the virus after our 111 day lockdown.

It became obvious during the curfews and other restrictions that we should be making content that addresses the pandemic directly.

Having a record of these times and how your business rose to the challenge is valuable and it speaks to your customers, right now, in the most authentic terms.

Way back before the curfew started in early July, after the first "lockdown-lite", Brompton bicycles had Social Brain make a mini-doc about how the owners of The Boroughs - a design shop in East Brunswick - were using their Bromptons to pivot to home delivery.

It was a great few hours spent racing around the streets and sitting with Eddy and Alasdair for a chat.

The video was made to show-off Melbourne's scenery a little so that Brompton global could add it to an international series of Covid-19 themed content.

Check out The Boroughs online here:

And Brompton Bicycles here:

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