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I take my coffee with a Brompton

Updated: May 26, 2022

Brompton continue to make great inroads with brand awareness in Australia and globally, and this little Melbourne coffee ride video Social Brain shot earlier this month will hopefully help win some more eyeballs.

Because content post frequency is becoming a greater consideration (for B2C brands especially) it helps to be able to shoot dynamic content with a minimal crew and try to emulate the bigger budget productions.

This shoot had one operator, 3 cameras and a jerry-rigged boom camera for the riding shots- meaning a lot of coverage for a fraction of the cost. The shoot borrowed heavily from past experience on Cannondale and Asics shoots where you need to go into full documentary mode - no reshoots, zooming ahead to set up tripods, or directing participants - just fly-on-the-wall type stuff.

It was another great day exploring parts of Melbourne I had not seen before (it's a big city and 2 of my 3 years here have been very indoors oriented...) and a great day for taste testing the coffee Elliot made from his mystery Everyday Coffee beans with the Aeropress.

It turns out no acting was required by the riders for coffee reactions either - this was cafe quality stuff.

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