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Turning a team day into hero content for Mad Scientist Digital

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Mad Scientist Digital is a Melbourne based SEO boutique with a team that works in the hybrid in-office/ wfh style we've all come to love ( yes, many of us have :-) ).

So when the opportunity came up to have the team assemble to shoot photos, MSD wanted to go a little further and create a document of the day; enter Social Brain.

Spending a day with the team, Social Brain was able to shoot a few talking heads, plant a GoPro, and capture some of the shenanigans at the Collingwood warehouse location to create a little video that showcases the great culture of Mad Scientist Digital and doubles as a primer for what SEO is & does.

This is all part of an eye-grabbing rebrand that MSD is going to unleash on the world soon. Watch this space:

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