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Not all views are equal

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Not all views are equal. Too often, data analysis is just garnish on a content performance report - consultants or agencies have a tendency to exaggerate the significance of impressions, unique views, and even the total number of actual views. All of these can be - and too often are - bought with a ‘spray & pray’ approach to targeting.

You may be asking yourself ‘How can you can oversell raw views?’. It is quite an easy thing to do if media buying is disguising the lack of relevance a piece of content has to your desired target audience. And it is typically not done with intent, but with a lack of understanding for the implications of buying eyeballs.

No matter how many views one buys, contents’ conversion potential will always be based on trust, entertainment, relevance of message, and other qualitative factors.

Content creators need to know their audience to maximise attention and conversion and creative briefs often fail to address core target insights.

Spending your way out of a low performance spiral - wether it be on targeted ad results or ‘fancy content’ that incorporates CG, drone shots or film lenses - will not correct conversion rates if customer insights are not fully translated in your content.

Too often this is the route taken. It will give all the stakeholders the requisite data evidence to show that content is performing well, and in these instances of sustained ’false marketing success’ blame can even end up falling on the product or service itself.

Successful content is insight & best practice driven - Don’t let your agency or marketing team fall back on the smoke & mirrors approach of tabulating views and impressions to tell you otherwise.

Look for engagement rates vs similar content. Look to CTR from content to conversion sites. Look for word-of-mouth and comments to discern what your desired audience is really thinking about your product, messaging, and content.

Don’t let cherrypicked metrics disguise your content’s true performance.

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