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Business guru on a bike: A mini documentary for Brompton

Lat month Social Brain got to hang out with Melbourne restaurant guru Kantaro Okada for a couple of hours to see how he incorporates his #Brompton into a typical day at work. The resulting mini doco gives us a sample of his restaurants and his love for cycling.

When asked about a typical day at work, the first thing Kantaro said was "There are no typical days in the restaurant business". This makes his Brompton ideal as he can deal with all kinds of kitchen requirements & with Melbourne's unpredictable weather if he has his Brompton in the boot of his 1983 Honda Civic -a car that has a whole story unto itself.

Kantaro, at the ripe age of 32, has built an impressive empire of Japanese eateries in North Melbourne and Carlton including a bento shop, a sake bar, a Japanese sandwich shop, and a musubi shop. Check them all out here:

Musubi, onigiri & coffee at :

And check out the Tsunagu group at:

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