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Distilling hours of VR training down to 10 seconds of social video

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

SiteTech Solutions is the supplier of Edgetech roofing protection systems. Their business is saftey, and to that end, they made an excellent VR training system to ensure that the roofers who use their product know exactly what they're doing.

The Sitetech Safety Knowledge Hub is a training and information hub that can be accessed remotely and has within it all the detail a user needs to stay safe during a project.

Where did Social Brain come in?

The job was to boil 3 hours of training systems down into 10secs so that viewers can see at a glance how the system works, what the company is, and how the process flows - and, of course, it had to be able to do this without sound.

A deceptively simple edit with a big job to do across Linkedin and Instagram.

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