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Animating an amazing kid's picture book for social media

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

When you have a beautifully illustrated book like Corey Tutt's The First Scientists, you want to bring as much attention as possible to the images when you make a social media video.

Social Brain decided to take Blak Douglas' images and animate them in After Effects to help viewers get the concept of Corey Tutt's fantastic book.

The goal was to make the movments simple and bold to draw viewers' attention toward the pictures and the text.

Using print mockups, images were separated and then given a little movement and blur.

To make the movementsmake sense in just a second, pictures with parts that lent themselves to natural movement were selected (hands, fire, eyes) and other more obliquie images were chosen and animated because they showcased key elements of the book.

The video was used across TikTok, Instagram and Facebook to showcase The First Scientists during its launch.

The book & author, Corey Tutt, have won multiple awards in Australia.

Check out Corey Tutt's The First Scientists here:

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