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Tax Assure | winning the attention of the right audience on Youtube

Updated: May 2

One view from the right person is worth 1000s from viewers outside your target. This is kind of the reason I set up Social Brain. Seeing businesses blow their budgets on production and scattershot targeting with ads and promoting posts is so sad.

Olga Koskie at Tax Assure's Melbourne office really understands this point of view: “Before I started working with Social Brain, we were using a different marketing agency and they would send me these ridiculous reports every month with click graphs. I really don’t care how many clicks we get. It might be a very simplistic view, but as a business owner, what matters to me is the phone ringing and the inquires we get".

Tax debt negotiation is a tricky topic to target an audience with as the people who most need this service don't know it exists and won't be actively searching for it.

Making paid targeting that much trickier is the fact that many of the key words used in paid promotion are shared with different businesses (accountants, legal firms) making this an extremely pricey option. Social Brain set about making an informative, micro-targeted channel for Tax Assure to provide information on the state of tax debt in Australia and to show those in debt distress that Tax Assure is thier greatest ally. “We get 2-4 calls a month from people saying they’ve watched the videos…and before watching these videos they didn’t think anyone was there to help them. They already feel reassured.”

In this 10min chat with Olga Koskie from Tax Assure, we had a chance to talk about Tax Assure's marketing activities on & off-line and heard about how Social Brain's Soapbox videos and YouTube channel management have helped transform how they get new business.

With smart targeting, Tax Assure's channel reaches the right people organically, winning SEO in Google search and saving on costly paid media.

How? When a viewer's question is met with a valid answer trust is built. This trust results in a huge bump in intent to purchase. Tax Assure's video content is all designed to answer questions and show that the team have an expert level knowledge of the Tax Debt negotiation space - not only of laws and their implications, but also the pecadilloes and preferred best practices of the ATO.

Be careful how your business measures marketing ROI So many businesses get caught looking for evidence of video ROI when the only evidence they need is a spike in new customers. The 2-4 new customers per month who mention to Olga that they've seen Tax Assure on YouTube are only those who offer the information. A similar number of new customers mention they've seen the videos to Michael Moon at Tax Assure's Sydney office.

That's a big chunk of monthly new business.

This was a great 10 minute chat about the power of video to drive new business. Thanks Olga for the excellent insights.

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