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Branding a Melbourne VR company with a demo video

Here's one from the archives: the lead video for UltraREM, a Melbourne based VR training company.

UltraREM had captures of several sections of demo VR; for welding, at-sea rescue, forklift driving, and fire preparedness.

For Social Brain, the edit involved identifying the training shots that had the most potential utility to target businesses, creating an animated logo that felt technically advanced, but not overly complex, and expressing the power of VR in an accessible way.

Some of the VR clips had usable ambient audio, and some needed the audio effects (wind, thunder, ocean etc.) to be recreated from scratch due to bleeps & voice-over narration guides.

A huge barrier for VR companies is that management & decision makers at target businesses often know of VR, but they simply do not understand how it works in practice. To address this, simple stock footage of VR users was sourced and colourised to match the purple colour palette of UltraREM. This also served to break up an endless string of simulations and allow viewers time to process the applications.

The resulting brand video also served as primer on the experience of using UltraREM VR.

You will not find UltraREM out there now, but the result was a happy one - the founder was acqui-hired by a competitor VR firm.

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